Christmas round crochet towel

Christmas round crochet towel Round Christmas Towel In Crochet to decorate your table that deserves more attention than in other times of the year. This lovely crochet towel is perfect to leave your table a luxury and celebrate this important date.

hristmas Towel Material Round Crochet Your table would be a real luxury with this beautiful crochet
towel, a work that would draw the attention of its guests for the finish and creativity of the piece. Spruce the table to greet the family is very good and this beautiful work will catch everyone’s attention on Christmas night by creativity and beauty.
Below we share material for Christmas Towel:

- Barbantes nº 6 in the colors red, green, white and beige;

- Crochet hook # 4;

- Needle of tapestry;

- Black small bead;

- Beige sewing thread.

How To Make Round Christmas Towel In Crochet
A beautiful towel with 60 cm in diameter with 12 Papas Noéis and barred in pine.
With an incredible result will give your table the highlight it deserves on
 Christmas Eve. It is a perfect piece for those who work with handicrafts 
to be able to present their clients with a different piece of equipment in this 
time when we are all desirous of leaving the house impeccable to receive 
the whole family.

Below we share video with Professor Maria Rita:

Image and video credits: Professora Maria Rita. Thank you for visiting our website. We seek to always bring the best for you. Like the story! Besides being very beautiful make the paper Noel is great fun and the result is beautiful! Leave your comment.


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