Snowman Crochet.


Hello friends crochet lovers found this gorgeous today on the internet is a Christmas doll, I will leave the video tutorial for you below and also the link of the pattern from Ravelry, I hope you enjoy, thank you. …

This pattern is very simple and is suitable for beginners with basic crochet knowledge. It comes with 11 pages of detailed instructions and 24 photos to help you track. The points and techniques you need to know for this pattern are:

Crochet in continuous round
Forming a magic ring
SC-Single Crochet
SC Inc-Single crochet increase
SC Dec-Crochet Decrease
HDC-half double crochet
DC-Double Crochet
DC Inc-double crochet increase
CH-point Current
SS-Stitch Sliding
Using the fingering yarn with hook of 2.5 mm, will produce a snowman about 11.3 cm high. It will be larger if you use a thicker and smaller yarn if you use a thinner yarn.

The materials needed for this design will be (yarn-based): wire white wire red wire green wire dark brown wire orange safety eyes 5mm x 2 (use a larger size if you are using a thicker yarn) black embroidery line Stuffing C Rock Hook 2.5 mm felting needle + pink felting wool or pink felt and adhesive wire needle…

The default is a downloadable PDF file and you will need Adobe Reader on your PC to open it. Feel free to contact me for any question about the pattern.

Please do not copy, share or sell this pattern. If you sell the finished dummy, please credit snacksies Handicraft Corner for the design.



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I hope you like this project as I loved it, I will leave below the link to download the pattern until the next friends



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