Crochet Bobble Stitch

Babies need to be warmed and loved and you can fill these needs with a handmade heart-shaped blanket. Baby blankets usually take less time to do than a standard size blanket, making it a great gift option for baby teas. No need to make the blanket just by using pastel tones. You can work this theme from Hearts in strong colors using the traditional pink or blue.

For some time I have been looking for a square cover of silly hearts, so the inspiration came and I found you, below in the video I bring the complete lesson of making the covers, made with them. I hope you like it, because that bobble blanket I’ve seen in various types of work, like maternity bags, breastfeeding pads, baby bed, finally, for a lot of change. Everything has been prepared with love for all the people who have been with us for years, because this is a blogger who cares about the performance and results of his readers, always bringing novelties in the craft.

     Patterns written ➡ Crochet bobble stitch


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