Around the Bases Crochet

Hello, my friends welcome! We are always posting news for you. I always come to share beautiful crochet design with you guys because crochet took me out of the depression the crochet really is a therapy.

Today we will learn how to make this pattern that I find wonderful that the Around-the-Bases is a crochet stitch sampler that turns your quilt since it is the central block that will give continuity to the quilt, blanket, and this block is preferred in an Afghan. People love this block, so it would be a tip for anyone who has a craft store having an Afghan with that block.

Can be done with any square motif or rectangle, using any weight of the yarn. It was originally published as a crochet along (CAL) at 2015. The CAL is over, but we left here for you all the information you need to make this project wonderful and fun!.

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I hope you like this project as I loved it, I will leave below the link to download the pattern until the next friends



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