Crochet Blanket – Afghan Bouquets


How to Make Crochet Blanket Afghan Bouquets Model.In this Afghan Bouquets baby blanket model, crochet work also valued this mix of flowers used in one piece. As in the previous version, here the Afghan point was used as barred of the blanket, and being a wider barred, it gains a lot of prominence. The result is super harmonious and the point combines with so many other styles of points. Another inspiration from crochet blanket to baby are these models. Here the pieces were made following the same style – fan point closed by the whole piece and the barred was made in secret point. The mixture of two different points values ​​the piece and gives an even more beautiful style for the craft work. In addition, the choice of the line is also important, and in this case the softer line leaves the mantle with more volume.

In this link I count 2 blankets including this beautiful afghan. Wire Used worsted-weight. Rose in Winter measures 45 “W x 72” L, and Nosegays measures 37 “W x 49” L.

The standard is available on the Annies website (Pattern Instructions)


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